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Week One as a Published Author

Yes, it is very special to hold in your hands a copy of a book that you have written.

A book that started as an idea in your head. A book that took over 3 years to write on weekends and evenings when you weren’t too burned out from your “real” job. A book that, almost unbelievably, now has your name on the cover and people will actually be reading. So what does an author do when, after so much work, a book is finally published?

Try this wine!For me, it meant opening a bottle of one of my favorite wines–Domaine Serene 2008 Evenstad Reserve Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley here in Oregon. And the next night, opening a bottle of champagne. And, as a real treat, I ate some ice cream.

I sent an announcement by email to most everybody I have ever met that I had an email address for, including people I had lost touch with. Many people I was in touch with were surprised by my writing adventure that they had never heard about. (I believe in doing things first and then talking about them, rather than talking about what I am going to do.) So one of the best parts of my week was getting responses from so many people with good wishes for success–and commitments to buy the book!

A surprising part of my announcement campaign was that some people I never expected to hear from wrote back right away. And some people I thought would be among the first to respond, I still haven’t heard from.

After a few days of celebrating, it was the Fourth of July weekend (maybe that’s why I haven’t heard from some people yet–they must be on vacation!). So I did what any new author should do–I took a few days off for a “vacation” myself. I went to central Oregon (Bend/Redmond) to visit some wonderful friends with a beautiful house there. We played golf at Eagle Crest Resort: one day at the Ridge Course and the other on the Challenge Course. I can recommend both courses as very well-maintained with good views, challenging-but-not-impossible holes, and friendly people.


And I almost got a hole-in-one! At least, it was the closest I’ve ever gotten and if the ball had rolled two more times, it would have surely been in the cup. Here’s a picture of me with my tee shot that woulda/coulda/shoulda been another thing to celebrate. As it was, I was happy with a 2 on the hole.

So now it’s on to Week Two as a published author, which means more work figuring out how best to market the book. So if you are reading this and haven’t already gone to the Facebook page and ‘Liked” it, you can help me by doing so! And if you haven’t already bought it (or want to buy more or tell your friends to buy it), please use this link if you are buying from Amazon:

And here’s where it gets really interesting in the learning process. It turns out that if you go to Amazon using this link, and then buy other stuff (you can do this anytime and don’t have to buy the book, just get there via my link), then I actually get a small commission from Amazon on everything you buy! So help a starving writer and use the link! Some friends bought some electronic equipment and it really boosted my numbers!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support. If you have ideas about how I should celebrate–please comment! Or if you have comments on the book, that would also be great!

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