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Change of Address

It’s official: my new address is a post office box. My email and phone will stay the same.

In case you didn’t know, I have rented my house and plan to travel the world for the next year or so. The lease is for 18 months, so if I tire of the nomadic life before then, I will still need to live somewhere other than the home I’ve lived in for the past 15 years. Whether I will return to Portland in 2016 or land somewhere else is yet to be seen. 

Moving Day

Moving Day

As of yesterday, all my possessions (except the full suitcase I’m taking with me) are in a 10′ x 15′ storage unit. Yes, that’s right. After moving my deck furniture to a friend’s empty deck, giving other friends everything from clothing to leftover food to file cabinets, and donating countless items to Goodwill, it all fit. And it feels good.

Tomorrow, December 30, I depart for Australia and will cross the international date line, landing in Sydney on New Year’s Day–skipping New Year’s Eve entirely. I wonder if there will be a party on the plane? I’ll continue to Melbourne and Sorrento (a lovely beach town south of Melbourne on the Morning ton Peninsula to spend time with my dear friend Jenny (and her husband Max). From there, I travel to the South Island of New Zealand–I’ve only been to the North Island before–for a six-week stint. You will hear more about all of this in my future blogs. And eventually in the book I expect to write. (For those of you who always ask, yes, there is another book in draft that I will continue to work on.)

Mid-February, I will come back to the US to take care of some business and to indulge in my passion for skiing. I never really been a full-time ski bum before–living out of my car and following the snow. Anywhere in the Western US or Canada is fair game!

By April, I intend to get on a plane to somewhere internationally and see where the wind blows me and for how long. After 40 years of a career filled with 5 year plans, it’s a new experience being so unscheduled. The biggest problem so far is too many choices.

Stay tuned for more mid-life, good life, zest for life adventures. I’ll be looking for couches to sleep on (actually for guest rooms to stay in–but that doesn’t sound as good) and friends around the world to visit, so send me your lists! My canvas is ready to be painted.




8 thoughts on “Change of Address

  1. Marty Litus

    Very exciting! But you did not include your new address! Please be sure to do so! Bon Voyage and we will be watching for those blogs and looking forward to hearing lots more in February!

  2. Christi Dixson

    My gosh Cheryl, you are not the same person I took care of at the Port. You have come a long way girl. I am happy for you. There is something so satisfying about cleaning and clearing out “things”. We realize we don’t really need them. Life is your adventure now. Go for it. You know you always have a place to stay in Palm Desert. Thank you for the cute card. I will be in “protection mode” following you all over the world. Happy new Year and stay safe.

    1. Cheryl Post author

      And I just might be–thinking about Krakow in late spring as a possible base for exploring eastern Europe and the homeland.

  3. Jenny Lane

    There is always a bed with us darling girl, I loved the old Cheryl, but the new Cheryl impresses me enormously, good job my girl. Happy to meet you anywhere in the world for a wine or 3. Only two more sleeps, I am so looking forward to seeing you xxxx

  4. Kim Lang

    I am so happy for you!! What an exciting adventure.. I admire your fearless attitude to travel the world. . Austrailia brings back memories of 18 years ago when we met. Happy New Year to you wishing you safe travels and always know you have a couch -or- guest room in CT.

    1. Cheryl Post author

      I can’t believe that was 18 years ago! And it was this time of year as well. Beautiful summer day here on the Mornington Peninsula at a beach town south of Melbourne.


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