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Undiscovered Bulgaria

Quick. Don’t look it up. Where exactly is Bulgaria? It’s okay. I didn’t know either until I decided to go there. Quick. Why would anyone go to Bulgaria? It’s okay. I don’t know either. But I did.

Meticulous mosaics of serious men--exterior of Nevski Cathedral

Meticulous mosaics of serious men–exterior of Nevsky Cathedral

You’re probably wondering how I chose it. Let’s just say it was a fluke. By late April, I knew I’d spend May and June in Poland and the Balkans, but July yawned as an open jaw. My friend Kathleen had agreed to meet me to travel for a couple of weeks. “Let’s go somewhere we wouldn’t be comfortable going alone,” we said. All of eastern Europe beckoned. I’d been doing research into the origins of my last name and it sometimes showed up in Bulgaria. I suggested it as a destination and was surprised when Kathleen agreed.


It’s Complicated–Balkan Musings

First day, first paddle--downriver is to the right.

First day, first paddle–downriver is to the right.

I cautiously eased myself into the front seat of a two-person inflatable kayak. It was the first day of river-running in Croatia with my small group of three guests and two guides. David, a wiry youthful septuagenarian, was in the back.

“I’m afraid of whitewater and I’ve never done kayaks,” I told him when he picked me to be his partner. “You should reconsider.”

“We’ll do fine,” he said. (more…)

A Short Update…More to Come

Crystal clear rivers, incredible canyons, complex histories

Crystal clear rivers

I know it’s been a few weeks since I last posted, but I haven’t had the time (found the time, made the time, carved out the time, whatever) to write a decent entry, so this will have to do. For those of you who are wondering, I’m alive and well and having great experiences. For those of you who just read this for entertainment, come back for the next post–I promise it will be better, with more photos, more detail and more fun stories. (more…)