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Central Otago Rail Trail

Vast landscapes of the Central Otago Rail Trail

Vast landscapes of the Central Otago Rail Trail

It’s a ‘Must Do’ in the New Zealand guidebooks: mountain biking the 93 miles of the Central Otago Rail Trail from Clyde to Middlemarch. I would ‘Do’ it the first week of February, the height of summer, despite the warnings about heat, sunburn, and dehydration. The Trail traversed desolate country, only occasionally crossing a road or intersecting a town. Services were not reliable, so dinner reservations were required in advance to make sure the few small restaurants along the way would have enough food on hand or even be open. (more…)

Brown Trout and Cows

Searching for water, hunting for fish

Searching for water, hunting for fish

I hopped out of the SUV to open yet another gate through a farmer’s paddock. It was the fourth gate of the morning, all with a different closure. Some were easy—unhooking a metal clasp—while others were inventions of chain and wire worthy of Houdini. The sky above had clouds strewn across it like a teenager’s messy bedroom. The slight wind wouldn’t cause any problems as I fished dry flies for the famous New Zealand brown trout. (more…)

It’s all about the scenery

As a writer, it’s difficult to accept that it isn’t always about the words. I’ve been struggling to find a new way to describe the vast array of landscapes here in New Zealand. And hey, about that weather…all 4 seasons in one day? No, in one hour! What about the light and the clouds? Untouchable with words.

Writers are always told to show, not tell. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, one photo is equal to a typical post of mine. Instead of searching for words, I’ve searched for some of my best scenery photos so far. (more…)