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Lions and Leopards and Life, Oh My!

Lion cub showdown with Rhino

Lion cub showdown with Rhino

I’ve just returned from a few weeks on safari in Zambia and South Africa. My last post about choosing a camera (I ended up buying both a point and shoot and an SLR!) included a story from one of my previous safaris and I wondered if I could possibly have another experience that even came close to that. I needn’t have worried. Going into the bush—as it’s called in Africa—is magical. If you love nature, animals, birdwatching, or exotic experiences, it is a must. If you like to eat well, wear khaki, or be waited on hand-and-foot, safari is for you. Going on safari is not the time to be budget-conscious since the best guides work for the best companies and your experience is directly proportional to the quality of your guide.