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Living with Zest and Deliberation


Golfing in the Poconos

If you are from the East, you know all about the Pocono Mountains. Honeymoon hide-aways, lakeside resorts, cool ‘mountain’ air as a contrast to the stifling summer heat of Philadelphia or New York. If you are from the West, you might not have heard of the Poconos: historic playground and get-away spot in the fifties and sixties for big stars like Jackie Gleason, Lucille Ball, and Ed Sullivan. Visiting there last week, I had the chance to play four different golf courses and reflect on how different things are in the East compared to the West. (more…)

Celebrating in Oregon Wine Country

One of the best things about living in Portland is the proximity to the wine country in the Willamette Valley. And of the best things about the Willamette Valley is the Allison Inn and Spa. Which is where I went with the three other members of my writing group to celebrate the publication of my novel. (Yes, the celebrations just keep on going.) I’ve been a fan of the Allison since its opening a few years ago and if you’ve been there, I don’t need to explain why. (more…)