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My Book is “Live”–Hoorah!

This is a joyous day for me. My book is LIVE. Which means it is now available for purchase–on, at my publisher’s site  through any popular on-line bookseller, and through request from your local bookstore.

Saving Legacy Springs Cover Photo

Here’s the description of the book that appears on the back cover:

Successful attorney Leslie Montgomery is leaving behind her marriage and career in Washington, DC and moving to Legacy Springs, Montana for the slower pace and beautiful scenery. It’s something she’s always wanted, but she never intended to do it alone. Local rancher Peg Hamilton resents outsiders and is heartbroken when she has to sell forty acres of her family’s ranch to Leslie to keep the bank at bay. She can’t stand the idea of having a neighbor, especially a rich lawyer from the East Coast. While Leslie tries to adjust to her new life and make friends, Peg is desperate to hold onto her old life—and to keep Leslie out of it.

When an unknown company quietly buys up natural gas rights in the valley, the idyllic landscape both women love is threatened by the specter of drill rigs and boomtown sprawl. It seems everyone is hiding something as Leslie finds herself in the middle of a dangerous secret involving two powerful men.

 Saving Legacy Springs is the compelling tale of two women and a community torn between preserving the past and surviving in future.

I hope you will read it, enjoy it, and maybe even post a review on Amazon or Goodreads or your site of choice. Reviews help sales!

And, as always, please let me know what you think by posting a comment here!


Change of Address–Need your Help!

Hello followers!

I have a new website and will be hosting my blog via that site from now on (even though it will remain a WordPress site behind the scenes). 

If you were previously following me on WordPress, I need you to click on this link and hit the Sign Up! button to follow me.

I’m sorry for the extra step, but I think you will find the new site even more interesting. You probably also missed the last two posts, so there are things to catch up on.

If you are new to this site or haven’t yet signed up to follow me, just click on the Sign Up! button to the right of the blog posts and above my headshot photo. You will get a verification email to confirm your address and interest and you will be signed up. Easy!

Thank you for your interest and don’t forget to let me know what you think and engage my readers in a dialogue on topics of interest to you.


Coming Soon–

I’m so excited today because I heard from my publisher that everything is final with my novel, Saving Legacy Springs, and so it is being sent to the printer!!

What that means is twofold:

1. It will start to be available for purchase sometime within the next 2-3 weeks. I will, of course, let you know when that happens.

2. I will be opening a bottle of champagne tonight to celebrate!


Why Idaho? Why not?

Talking about going home and coming home, sometimes home is a place you used to live, but don’t anymore. I lived in Idaho for 15 years and I miss it. Well, most of it. Living in Portland, I’ve gotten used to having fresh, and I mean fresh, seafood all of the time. And living in one of the most fabulous wine-producing areas in the world. And having a locavore restaurant scene that is unmatched anywhere in the country. But other than that…Idaho has sunshine and that desert/mountain/canyon scenery and a small town friendliness wherever you go. (more…)