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Why this blog might become a movie

Well, it happened for Julie and Julia, so why not for Aware Life,Mid-life, Good Life? That blog became a book and a movie. It’s not my goal to become either, but hey, the point of this blog is to find the things you aren’t looking for. (Just for kicks, I’ve included my own lobster photo below, which if you haven’t seen the movie or read the book, you won’t get the reference, but should enjoy seeing what I looked like a few years ago anyway.)
My natural inclination is not to be a “sharer” and of course, that’s what a blog is all about. But I’ve poured myself a glass of lovely Oregon Domaine Drouhin 2011 Dundee Hills Pinot Noir to loosen me up. Did I mention I live in Portland, Oregon where local food and wine (and beer and spirits) are sacred? (Portlandia, anyone?) So now I’m ready to share—and not just about interesting things to drink, although that will be part of it.

I always wondered why people wanted to do blogs. Especially people over the age of say, thirty? That bare-it-all mentality of Facebook makes me cringe. I’ve been a journal keeper all my life, but it’s always been for me, not anyone else.  And every few years I destroy them. Just in case I die and somebody finds them when they clean out my house. Blogging is like journaling in public and that makes me nervous.

But I’ve written a novel—more on that in later posts too—and I want you to read it. Not just yet, since it isn’t published—but someday soon. And in the meantime I want to get used to putting my thoughts out there and having you tell me what you think. About my writing, my opinions, my life, my travels, my biases and my tastes. I do hope this is a virtual conversation and not a one-way street, although if you just want to read and not comment, that’s fine too.

I’ll be back with more soonImage

Azure Kingfisher

Don’t you love the sound of the words Azure Kingfisher? I almost named the Blog that, but it’s too obscure for most people to know what it is about. But it is the inspiration for this blog in many ways and here’s why.

The Azure Kingfisher is a small, brilliantly colored bird found in Northern Australia. I am a nature-lover and birder and when I travel to new places, I like to pick one or two birds from my field guide that I would like to see. Maybe it is because they are endangered or maybe because they just look beautiful. Many years ago, I traveled to Australia to do some birding (and wine drinking and sight seeing) and chose the Azure Kingfisher as THE bird to see.

On that trip I logged almost 300 new birds–easy to do since it was my first time in the country so even the most common bird was a new one. But not the Azure Kingfisher. I’ve been back several times, but still no luck. I even took a special guide out one day to find it, but didn’t. I still haven’t seen it, but I will keep looking.

So what does that have to do with this blog?

My search for the Azure Kingfisher represents the positive side of having a dream or goal, but also the importance of making sure you aren’t so single-focused on it that you miss the rest of what there is to see or experience.  I saw some incredible scenery, wildlife, and yes, birds on my trips–much of which I wouldn’t have seen if I wasn’t looking for the Azure Kingfisher. The obvious example is people who make career their primary goal and miss the joy of family and friends in the meantime. Or those who consume their lives with busy-ness.

It’s the analogy of the hunt for the Azure Kingfisher that I hope becomes the spirit of this blog. Being aware of what you aren’t looking for, paying attention to the wisdom you’ve gained by mid-life and sharing it, and having the result be a full, balanced and good life.

Join me.